Industrial Space Transformed into Colorful and Animated Loft in London

This is an amazing house interior decoration with Industrial style in London. Located in an old factory Edgware Rd, London, United Kingdom, This apartment was planned and designed by couverture Studios. The open living, kitchen dining room attacked by tons of natural light set for bright-mode home with original character. The dynamics themselves achieved through a series of lines that focuses a redirect the viewer in all corners of the interior.

The apartment is located in a converted industrial premises has been completely redesigned Cloud create two bedrooms and large open elutuba. Architecture properties are industrial feeling with much concrete material, Critall widows and open tubes. Ceilings and light repair douglas wide board floors and modern kitchen.

Amazing additions transformed the initial spaces with creative ideas, while enhancing their aesthetics and his personality.  The living room as the core of social housing is a great momentum due to the careful selection of ornate elements. The whole apartment is quiet, neutral, but also a pleasant and enjoyable.

Awesome Modern Summer Home Inspiration with Ocean Panoramic

Since you’re entering the Long Dune Residence, We are surprise you with amazing and contemporary floor plan and interior decor with almost perfect details in design. This house architects warn to us that the little is revealed till you anter the house. A tall glass door is imagined by Hammer Architects. We will show you this contemporary summer house the best choice for your summer holiday destination  in Massachusetts.

Ceiling doors homes due to coastal cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean located in natural conditions panorama absorbed. This constant visual contact with the lower nature, the Atlantic Ocean brings glimpses, and relax and enjoy the summer encourages modern home owner.

Peter Vanderwark told to me that plenty of natural light was filtered.Vneshnyaya environment is caught as a sparkling sea views reflect live from nature. With trees and other freshwater lake looks like a river of memory to complete the inspiring landscape. Mirror inside, it mixes with the natural order of elegant design lines of the house.

The entrance of the house, very solid wood covered walls and narrow windows bands priloäiv bathroom, outdoor shower, with stairs and laundry facilities. Small as you approach the house opens up to the entrance of the house is not visible from the high glass doors. Inside, shows a large open space multi-level sliding door connects the dramatic sea views through the floor-ceiling glass walls, open buildings occupy the center of the living room and dining room.

The angle of forty-five degrees the other side of the plan, and the wing of the house has a master bedroom suite, guest room obespechivaet.Kryltso roof as a reference dragon offer their views in all directions covers the intersection of two geometries.